Are we really in November already!? How did that happen?! 

This month is National Gratitude Month and it’s a time to show some thanks for all that’s good in life. Research shows that when we practice gratitude every day we feel happier and healthier.

My daily Gratitude Attitude practice begins with writing down three things that I’m grateful for in my Journal. I’ve been doing this for a long while now and I find it helps especially if I’ve woken up feeling a bit under the weather or if my energy levels and mood is a bit low on a particular day.

Gratitudes don’t have to be headline stuff, sometimes it’s the simple things like having a boiling kettle to make a hot drink when we want one or having hot, running water for a bath or shower. Today I’m grateful for the fact that our house is still all in one piece after a particularly blustery and stormy night last night!

If you don’t have a Gratitude Practice, try practicing Gratitude for this month and see how it makes you feel. Think of one thing you are grateful for every day and write it down or perhaps share it with others on my FB page The Coddiwomple Lady or on my Instagram wendyj_thecoddiwomplelady so we can all inspire each other to feel more thankful for what is good in our lives.

This is a great exercise to do if you’re stuck in Lack Mode, as in constantly thinking “I don’t have enough…” or “If I had this, I’d be happy.” This is a vicious circle, it never ends and you’ll find you’re never happy. That’s a real shame isn’t it?

I personally believe that Gratitude is for Life, not just November!

Wishing you love and happiness 


Wendy xx

The Coddiwomple Lady