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There’s a question for you!

If I’m honest it is a question that crossed my mind when I saw the Order of Service booklets for Mum & Dad’s funerals in 2012. I’d never really thought about it before.

That little, seemingly insignificant, mark on the page between their birth dates and their passing dates encapsulated their whole lives without actually saying anything about them.

Those two dashes included them growing up, Dad going to art and printing college, Mum completing a secretarial course and French lessons, them getting married, producing me (one was enough for them!), running their own business together, a lifelong passion for all sorts of motor sport, Dad’s watercolour paintings, Mum’s legendary steak & kidney puddings…and a whole lot more in between.

We get an opportunity to fill in some of that gap during a funeral or memorial service but when we look at grave stones of others we have no idea what happened during that Dash and that makes me feel a bit sad. Most of those stories are lost forever.

So what does living your Dash mean to you?

This is what comes up for me when I think about it:

  • To live each day with honesty, authenticity and integrity
  • Dare to Dream and try to make those dreams become reality
  • To follow my Heart & Soul
  • To feel Love, Joy, Peace & Wellness
  • Being Grateful
  • Appreciating each and every moment
  • To be kind and respectful to others
  • Laugh a lot

I recently came across a poem called “The Dash Poem” by Linda Ellis and I confess I have rather fallen in love with it and I’m delighted to say that I have received permission to share it with you:

By Linda Ellis, Copyright © Inspire Kindness, 1996, thedashpoem.com 

For more information, please contact Inspire Kindness by phone at 877-935-6358 or by e-mail at Contact@InspireKindness.com.

It’s very thought provoking isn’t it?

So I repeat the question, how do you live your Dash?

Until next time, thank you for reading

Love & Best Wishes,

Wendy x

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