Hi there, oh my goodness these are epic times we are living in. It’s a true emotional coddiwomple, as in we are all heading in the same direction (to stay well, support each other and save lives) but we have no idea where or when the end destination will be.

I’ve come across a great word over the past few days, discombobulated (meaning confused and disconcerted.) It appears that a great many people are feeling it and I think it pairs up perfectly with my other favourite word: coddiwomple (to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.)

I feel as though we are all on a discombobulated coddiwomple.

The last few days have reminded me how I felt when my world was imploding in 2012; I was confused and extremely anxious during the early days of Mum’s illness, as we had no idea how the episode would end. As the months raced by, I learned that I couldn’t control what was happening but I could control how I dealt with it and that was to accept that “it is what it is” and adjust to a new way of being. I had to let go of what I wanted, or how I wanted it all to pan out, and go with the flow of the moment. Everything works out for the best, it’s just not always how we imagined or desired it to be.

I spent a lot of time with my parents during their illnesses; a lot of that time was in semi-isolation, as we couldn’t risk them picking up any germs or bugs. I learned to look within, find my resilience and to be grateful for that precious time together.

I’m now drawing on the lessons I learned during that difficult chapter of my life. This situation we are in will come to an end at some point, yes it is scary and confusing but we can control how we deal with it and those ways are individual to us.

So what am I doing?

Most important to me is finding Gratitude each day. We are lucky that we have outside space and I can sit outside and watch Mother Nature carry on regardless. I’m grateful I can share this time with Tim, both of us finding different things to do but safe in the knowledge we are here together safe and sound (although today he is at the top of a long ladder cleaning gutters and the whiteboard of the house which is a worry!) We also have the opportunity and the space to go for isolated country walks – I discovered a field of Mangelwurzels the other day!

Country walk 220320

Self-care is important (and I do appreciate that having the time and space for this isn’t always easy) but taking time to go for a solo walk or maybe practice some Yoga for a few minutes via the internet helps to calm the mind.

I am limiting my time on social media so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed and I don’t constantly watch the News. I think it’s important to keep updated of what is unfolding but not have it constantly buzzing in my ears.

Finding humour is vital for me too. Thankfully Tim and a lot of my friends have a similar sense of humour to me and they constantly make me laugh with their observations.

I’m also relishing the time to be able to sit and read a book for a while and spend more time writing or drawing.

Oh, and the house has never been so clean! We are having spells of de-cluttering, however I’m not sure this is working too well in Tim’s Man Cave, i.e. the garage!

I’ll leave you now. I do hope you and your loved ones are keeping well and safe. I would love to see how others are coping during these extraordinary time so please pop on to The Coddiwomple Lady FB page and share your thoughts or photos with us. There is also a closed Group on there you can join if you would like to have a chat safely and securely.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Until next time, lots of love

Wendy xxx